Beauty is in the Eye of the Beast

by Haemolacria

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I. Rest in peace you beautiful beast, you weren't the last victim of omniscient iniquity.

II. At the edge of the depths they stand of such a darkly beautiful creation, here lies the daunting, haunting presence known as Mirkwood.

III. Here they enter the grand darkness of Mirkwood; rebirth has begun-- the incarnate of Vlad Dracula now known as Omniscient Iniquitous dwells within this dim oblivion.

IV. Tragically dying from the impaling beast they crawl on the ground through the dirt, leaves and sticks of Mirkwood until they have their final taste of their own blood, breathing their last breath and finally pumping their last heartbeat.

V. This is it, this is the end, this is death as their mouth, nose and eyes cry blood.

VI. Where am I? Is this the after-life? Nothingness with consciousness?

VII. Whilst the person contemplates their after-life, awaiting their fate there remains Vlad Dracula who is hungry for some more bloody wine.

VIII. The person finds themselves at the seashore of purgatory, nothing but blackness on one side and a beach of infinity on the other in between being the coast of grey sand, megalithic boulders and ancient, worn and long forgotten paintings whilst hearing voices from the reality they unwillingly left from.


released April 8, 2017




Haemolacria Sighișoara, Romania

Born in 1431 in Sighișoara, Romania, I died in 1477 fighting against Basarab Laiotă and Ottoman-- those barbarians. I was buried in the Monastery of Snagov, but my spirit lurked, wandered through the planes of every conceivable reality until I found a body to reincarnate into. Now known as Omniscient Iniquitous, I am both the after-breath on the mirror of Vlad Dracula and Vlad Dracula himself. ... more

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